The number of well recognized and respected National Football teams U 19 WNT, age group 2004/05 match series has been fixed at 2 (two) from different countries (France & Belgium).

1.1 The participating teams undertake to field its strongest possible first teams for all matches, with a max. of 22 Players (incl. Goalkeeper).

 2.Technical Rules for the competition:

The system of play is a two matches System. Each participating team playing 2 (two) matches against the other participating team, with 3 (three) points for winning, 1 (one) point for drawing and no point for a defeat. After the (two) matches, the respective winner of the trophy is the team which is scoring the most points.

2.1 The ranking in the group shall be determined as follows:

a) Greater number of points obtained in both matches
b) Goal difference in both matches
c) Greater number of goals scored in both matches

*** *In case of a tie at the end of the two matches, a series of penalty will determine the Trophy’s Winner.

2.2 The matches in the tournament shall be played in accordance with the schedule drawn up by organizers.


A player expelled from the field of play by a referee shall not be allowed to stay on the bench during the match.


  1. Qualification of the participating Players

Players have to register at their football associations according to the rules of FIFA and their association.

3.1 Players should upon request prove their registration by showing a valid document from the national association.
3.2 In case of a non citizen player, who is not registered in any team and does not have an ITC, she should have a certificate issued by her national association to her club.

  1. Substitution of players

Each participating team is allowed to substitute 09 Players including Goalkeeper during the matches.

Only 3 game stoppages per team will be allowed in the second half of each match.

  1. Official List and Registration of Players

The participating team shall deliver a final list of players and team line up to the referee at the latest 120 minutes before each match. The list of players shall include the family name and first name,  number on shirt, position, date of birth of each player.

  1. Forfeit of a match

In the case when a team does not appear on the field for the match or refuses to continue the match caused by force majeure (except when this approved by the organizing committee) or leaves the field before finishing the match, the team shall be the loser of the match.

6.1 If a team gives up playing during the match, the final score shall be 3 to 0. If the actual score is higher than this, the actual score shall become the final score.

6.2 The team which abandoned a match shall not be able to participate in the remaining matches if the match mentioned is not the team’s final match. The team shall compensate the organizers for damages incurred.

6.3 If a team abandons a match it shall compensate to the organizing committee all cost caused by its action.

6.5 The organizing committee shall provide time for warm up at the match ground.

6.6 Each team shall be provided a dressing room.

  1. Match played in accordance with the laws of the match

All matches shall be played in accordance with the laws of the game laid down by the international football association Board published by FIFA.

7.1 Panels display boards, numbered on both sides for clarity, shall be used to indicate
a) the substitution of players

  1. b) the number of minutes to be allowed for lost time

7.2 In case of any discrepancy in the interpretation of the laws of the game, the English version is authoritative.

  1. Duration of Matches

Each match shall last 90 minutes, comprising in two periods of 45 minutes, with an interval of 15 minutes in between.

8.1 At the end of the two periods of normal playing time (45 minutes each), the referee shall indicate to the fourth officials, either orally or by gesturing with his hands, the number of minutes he has decided to allow for time lost. Each allowance for time lost shall be shown on the panels display boards by the fourth official.

  1. Stadiums, Hosting, Uniform

The organizing committee chose the stadiums at Futbol Salou Training Center where the matches will be played.

9.1 The organizing committee shall guarantee that the chosen stadium keep the match regulations. All the matches shall be played on natural grass.
9.2 Each participating team shall wears its official uniform. Each participating team shall prepare a reserve uniform which is plainly different from the official uniform. Each participating team shall bring the reserve uniform for every match.
9.3 For each match, the participating team appearing first in the match schedule will be considered as the host of the match. In case the uniforms of the host and the opponent participating team are similar, the opponent participating team will have to change its uniform.
9.4 Each participating team shall bring their official and reserve uniforms for all matches. In case the colours of the uniforms of two teams matching are the same and the match commissioner or referee thinks it is necessary to change uniforms, they shall change the uniforms.
9.5 Goalkeeper shall use their registered number (at least two different colours of shirts for main goalkeeper and one shirt for reserve goalkeeper). They are not allowed to wear the shirt, which has a different number from the originally registered number in any circumstance.

  1. Official Match ball

The match ball shall be selected and supplied by the participating federations.

The match ball shall bear one of the following three designations: the official “FIFA Approved” logo, the official “FIFA inspected” logo or the reference “international Match ball standard”.

  1. Referees, Assistant Referees, Fourth Referees

A referee, two (2) assistant referees and a fourth official have been appointed by the organizing Committee for each match and are not subject to appeal.

11.1 If a referee or one of his assistants is prevented from carrying out his duties before or during a match because of injury, indisposition, etc., he shall be replaced by the fourth official

11.2 On the report form, the referee shall note all occurrences before, during and after the match in as much details as possible, such as:

  1. a) Misconduct of players, leading to caution or expulsion.
    b) Unsporting behaviour of officials, supporters and any person acting on behalf of the participating team.
  2. c) Any other incident.
  3. Disciplinary committee

The disciplinary committee is composed of: The appointed Head of Referees
The appointed FIFA Match Agent

12.1 The Committee may sanctions participating teams, their players, officials and members, and any person carrying out duties at a match on behalf of the participating team for any breach of this tournament regulation, or any action violating the spirit or articles of the laws of the game in connection with matches in the competition.

12.2 The disciplinary committee, just after the match, will confirm the respective result and will also confirm every caution and expulsion as well as other decisions in writing to the participating team.

12.3 The participating teams shall ensure that the disciplinary measures imposed by the Disciplinary committee are implemented.

12.4 When taking a decision, the disciplinary committee shall refer to reports made by the referee, assistant referees and fourth referee, security officer and other officials present. It may also refer to video recording, which may be used as evidence, but only as far as the disciplinary aspects of the case being dealt with are concerned; this shall not affect a referee’s decision regarding facts connected to the game.

12.5 The disciplinary Committee shall base its decisions on the FIFA Disciplinary Code.

12.6 The decisions of the disciplinary Committee are final and not subject to appeal.

  1. Tournament Trophies

13.1 Trophy to the winning team

13.2 Trophy to the losing team

13.3 Trophy to the Most Valuable Player


Subjects to changes!