The entire organizing team will work under strict hygiene measures and will offer you help and assistance in the case of any queries you may have. Our personnel has been trained to apply the security measures established by the new protocols. Our personnel is provided with all the necessary materials, such as PPE’s, masks and hydroalcoholic gel. Continuous audits will be carried out, to guarantee compliance with the established protocols. We offer personalized advice to develop specific security plans for each team, aligned with the Catalan Sports Council. PCR test can be provided upon demand. Hydroalcoholic gel dispensers in the busiest areas, such as: Changing rooms, classrooms, cafeteria, access to the fields, etc.

Disinfection of the gym and sports equipment. Cleaning and disinfection of the changing rooms for private use. Disinfection of the sports facility and support elements such as doors, railings and benches. Disinfection of the private classrooms for each group. Control of the capacity and management of spaces, routes and accesses to minimize the contact between different groups. Catering offer adapted to the requirements of each team with all the guarantees of hygiene and safety.

The number of available fields and our more than 17 hectares of outdoor facilities guarantee a safe sports practice. A new cleaning protocol for the accommodation. Based on two work teams per accommodation, to carry out a disinfection after each departure and prior to each arrival. All air ducts in the accommodation will be disinfected. After each departure, the air conditioning filters will be cleaned with a disinfection solution to guarantee clean air. You will find a seal on your accommodation, to ensure that the appropriate disinfection has been carried out, and that after it has been completed, no one else has entered the accommodation before you. We will carry out continuous cleaning of facilities and public areas with products that guarantee their disinfection